April 10th, 2016
Only one story has been added this time. The Street Mouse is a story that takes place immediately after The hunted and shows how Ishara ended up travelling with Thomas. Originally it was employment at first sight; now he makes the offer based on unraveling the mysteries of the Little Rabbit.

Changed the name of The Hunted to The Game to fit with it now becoming a series. (newer titles are stull under consideration)

March 17th, 2016
The first thing is that i have remastered The Hunted. this update more then doubles the stories length and includes giving the other prisoners names, and expanding on her life after she reached Forest lake.

A lighter update is that I added one new very large story intitled Princess Ishara. This is the story mainly revolving around putting Ishara in a frilly dress and is a lot more light hearted then the above remastered story.

May 28, 2015
It's been a long time. for a while I lost most of my drive to write; and got side tracked by many shiny things. Now i have been re-inspired and have gathered a collection of short stories that I want to write.

the two latest stories added are A Mary Tail featuring the twins, and the forest holding colony again. and the long awaited Secret Children: Festival of renewal. this one gave me a lot of problems as the image i had in my head about this festival was what sparked the entire series of Secret Children.

October 19, 2010
I'm not dead yet. for most of the year however I have had some trouble getting back into writing. It's mostly passed now, and I've started working on a couple projects.

My latest update is A Twins Tail another tale from the forest holding colony featureing those mischievous twins Nina and Mina

July 24, 2009
Three new stories have been uploaded from the Secret Children series. Starting with Red Marigold taking place right after the events in Fractured Crystal. The next one Cracked Diamond is a continuation of that set as well. The last new story is Enchanted Emerald

I have also re-uploaded Secret Children: Silent Rose and placed it in the correct order. The next part of the Secret Children series might take awhile longer. It has been causing me some problems getting it right.

May 20, 2009
There was a stealth update since the last official one, I added a new option if you allow scripts to be run on the site. With the new "Change Background" option you can choose how you want the site to look. Since some people had trouble reading the lighter background, and some people cant read darker ones. This allows you to choose the one that's most comfortable.

Now for the story updates. I removed Secret Children: Silent Rose because I decided its too early for that story. It will be re-posted when the time comes. Instead I have uploaded Secret Children 9: Fractured Crystal in its place. In addition I have two new stories Blackraven is a story about Schala when she almost had a chance to be free. The last story I have added is A maids Swordsong, featuring the adult versions of two characters found in Serenity's Spirit.

The progress will be slow, and until its finished very uneven. But the Neko race has been given a new name. Jiyu'rei (pronounced joo ray) minor changes will be made throughout the stories to reflect the new name.

January 28, 2009
A few updates. my server suffered a raid drive failure and lost the website for awhile. i choose to wait until i finished my latest story before re-uploading everything. Now i have five new stories up. The first four of them are from the Secret Children series first we have Tea with the Lady followed by Jade Guardian, Shimmering Sapphire, and Silent Rose. The last one Restless Tails is from my heartsbane universe as well and takes place in the time when the Neko race was being created. Finally I removed the links sections for now. My links were outdated, so if anyone has any suggestions for new links then please shoot me an e-mail.

The web fourms are also back up, not everything belongs on the main site but some stuff could help, or people might find intresting. so i re-created the fourms to help in that area and give people a place to make comments.

July 17, 2008
Added three new stories. two of them from the Secret Children series. Clear Violet and Mourning Lily. plus I added the second of the three part Beyond the glass intro series, Time to move on.

July 6, 2008
Added two new things, one story Serenity's Spirit is a short story about the Neko Princess from my Heartsbane world. along with her story I also added a "guide" to the Neko race. The human's guide to cats written from the perspective of a Neko. I also made some minor changes to all three of the Secret Children stories that are currently posted. One of the characters had her speech modified to better suit her.

April 25, 2008
Added two new stories, Firefly Rising is a story about Ishara when she was a teenager, and Decorative Holly is the third part of the Secret Children series. Finally i also uploaded a revision for The Ribbon and the Red Sword.

March 1, 2008
Made some extra changes this time. First by adding two new series stories. Lost Ruby is the second in the Secret Children series and Crystal Princess is the first in a new 3 part series to introdice Beyond the Glass. The final adjustment (and i wont be doing this very often) is thaat i removed the original Beyond the Glass story that was first posted a couple years ago. It was a test run for the idea and there is a novel length story in the works at the moment.

November 5, 2007
added two new short stories. Hidden Castle is the first in a series called Secret Children that i will be playing with and expending on later. the second Dark Twilight is another style of "what if" story based on how my world's history might have changed if the girl in The Hunted met with a diffrent fate.

Sunday June 17, 2007
added a new short story called Fates Shadow. Its not really from any of my projects. It is a "what if" story depending on several changes to the main timeline of my sword of stars project world.

Friday December 1, 2006
added a new short story called A slave in Windley castle?Its not really from any of my projects. but does touch on characters between the sword of stars project and the bonds of the past one.

Tuesday September 5, 2006
Uploaded revised version of The hunted. another short story taken from my Sword of Stars project. There was many aspects of the original I was not happy with, and needed to change.

Friday August 11, 2006
Added a new story The Ribbon and the Red Sword. another short story taken from my Sword of Stars project.

Monday May 8, 2006
Uploaded a new story, Tima's Hideaway. also fixed the year of the previous update.

Thursday April 20, 2006
The new end of time is born. Focus has been brought to this page at last, and very few of the old portals still exist. you can find the cruiser and album portals in the links section. The rest have been removed and the forums re-created.

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