Desert Mouse
Title Description Type Submission date
School of horror, introduction At Kora Valley things do not match the pamphlets. But what terrible things await the newest student Jenny? Fiction April 20th 2006
The Game(remastard) When she was a small girl, this deadly game created the anger within Ishara that earned her the name "Red Sword" Fantasy March 17th 2016
Tima's Hideaway Once she was a maid in Windley castle, now she is the sole survivor of the disaster of Forest Lake, but how did she where she is? what landed her in Windley and then Forest Lake. Fantasy May 8th 2006
The Ribbon and the Red Sword (revised) After Ishara acquired the Sword of Stars the Black Kings top assassin wanted it. and to get it she would so anything, including threaten the life of someone that once helped the female warrior. Fantasy April 25th 2008
A slave in Windley Castle? The feline warrior Schala, having had her childhood stolen from her travels around killing those involved in the slave trade. But could she have found one in Windley castle? It seems impossible because it would stress the age-old friendship with the nearby Sutherland. And the Kings wrath would be swift. But Schala can't ignore the signs. Fantasy Dec. 1st 2006
Fates Shadow A what if story: Schala was a powerful warrior with as expected. a troubled past, but what if the shadows of fate were to bring her right back where she started? Fantasy June 17th 2007
Secret Children: Hidden Castle Hidden away from the rest of the world this forgotten castle contains twelve innocent little secrets. Who are the girls that inhabit this place? Fantasy Nov. 5th 2007
Dark Twilight How would history change if a single child died when she shouldn't have? How would the cruel hand of fate twist the events that came after a crucial part of that child's life. Fantasy Nov. 5th 2007
Beyond the glass: Crystal Princess It's an introduction to Karen, the child living on the twelfth floor of a glass tower. Fiction March 1st 2008
Secret Children 2: Lost Ruby Ruby was always the adventurous type. But the castle has rules against exploring and there are reasons for them. Fantasy March 1st 2008
Firefly Rising A Teenaged Ishara graduates from being an employee of an old warrior, to his apprentice, but first she has to learn her limits. Fantasy April 25th 2008
Secret Children 3: Decorative Holly Holly is the motherly type of the girls, she takes care of many of the domestic chores and has preparations to do for the upcoming festival. Fantasy April 25th 2008
The humans guide to cats written by Christy "Softwhisper" Munro this guide is aimed at humans better understanding the Jiyu'rei race. Guide July 6th 2008
Serenity's Spirit When she was thirteen young Princess Serenity was given her spirit name. Fantasy July 6th 2008
Secret Children 4: Clear Violet Violet has always been the castle’s story teller. She entertains the other girls with her music, and her stories. But how does she find inspiration trapped in the castle? Fantasy July 15th 2008
Secret Children 5: Mourning Lily Lily spends her days confined to her room, it is her choice but what makes her so isolated from everyone else? What dream does she hold so dear? Fantasy July 15th 2008
Beyond the glass: Time to move on It's an introduction to the twins, Semona and Demona linked to the Crystal Princess only by a childhood friend. Fiction July 15th 2008
Secret Children 6: Tea with the Lady Ruby and Sakura decide to have tea in the lady's waiting room on the top floor of the castle. But they soon make an innocent discovery that could be fun, but also get them into trouble. Fantasy January 28th 2009
Secret Children 7: Jade Guardian Jade takes pride in protecting her twin sister from the occasional hostility in the castle. But how far will she go when Diamond is after Sakura for her part in the lady’s dressing room. Fantasy January 28th 2009
Secret Children 8: Shimmering Sapphire Sapphire works tirelessly to keep the castle clean. But this close to the festival it can be frustrating when others try and help her. Fantasy January 28th 2009
Restless Tails Nina and her twin sister Mina debut in this tale about life in the Forest Holding Colony where humans are being mutated through magic into what will become the Jiyu'rei people. The twins turn their mischievous talents towards what would otherwise be considered a selfless act. Fantasy January 28th 2009
Secret Children 9: Fractured Crystal Crystal was always the most fragile girl in the castle. When Ruby protects her from another girl, what will she ask in return? Fantasy May 20th 2009
Blackraven A Jiyu'rei named Blackraven was shopping one day when she came across Schala, enslaved by two humans. Can she rescue the kitten? Fantasy May 20th 2009
A maids Swordsong Some time ago Jiyu'rei protector Terisa Swordsong's voice was taken from her. Now on a trip to the human lands it's her job to protect the Jiyu' rei Princess Brightmoon, but first she will have to find her. Fantasy May 20th 2009
Secret Children 10: Red Marigold Marigold has discovered what Ruby and Crystal did and she isn't too happy about it. Fantasy July 26th 2009
Secret Children 11: Cracked Diamond When thing's inside the castle get out of control, there is one person that has to deal with the situation. What goes through Diamond's mind when trouble stirs? Fantasy July 26th 2009
Secret Children 12: Enchanted Emerald Emerald is the healer in the castle, but she has to practice somehow when there is no one to take care of. Fantasy July 26th 2009
Secret Children 13: Silent Rose No one knows why Rose can't speak. She just wants to belong and she can't always get her point across. She still tries her best, and wants to help prepare for the festival. Fantasy July 26th 2009
A Twins Tail How did the twins Nina and Mina first come to the Forest Holding Colony? And what is it that drives them to cause trouble? This is the story of their first days. Fantasy October 19th 2010
A Mary Tail In the past Mary was bullied by the twins at the forest holding colony. But can she sit by while one of them gets sick? How is the other twin dealing with her sisters illness? Fantasy May 28th 2015
Secret Children 14: Festival of renewal Once a year the girls have a feast and bend some of the rules of the castle. This is the festival of renewal; marking the evening before supplies in the castle are magically refilled. Fantasy May 28th 2015
Princess Ishara Ishara arrived in Windley at a bad time. with his daughter sick Duke Artemis Windley has no choice but to convince Ishara to take his daughters place as diplomat. But will she behave herself? Fantasy March 17th 2016
The Street Mouse A stranger arrives in Forest Lake and discovers young Ishara. He decided that this Little Rabbit holds an interesting mystery. what will he find, and will he be able to help her find a real life? Fantasy April 10th 2016
The Traveller The last days of the Little Rabbit. Ishara is now travelling with Thomas but has to come to terms with what shes done, and what shes been through. Fantasy October 13 2017

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