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The End of Time

Last Update: October 13th, 2017
I have been sitting on this one for several months now but got too distracted by my Starbase 5 project to add it. so here it is the third story in the Little Rabbit Chronicles. The Traveller it directly follows The Street Mouse and tells of Ishara's first days travelling with Thomas and trying to come to terms with what happened in The game.

about Starbase 5 its a sci fi project moddled after some old e-mail sims. I'm looking for a good way to post it though, ill need a blog like script that allows for content tags for the best results.

Only the silence and darkness greets the wary traveler. Here is where time has come to an end, it neither moves forward nor backwards however the shimmering portals nearby will take you to lands of magic, monsters, starships and glass towers. At the end of time you will find short stories created by anyone with a vision gripped by the desire to tell a tale. Submit your own stories to desert-mouse@shaw.ca to see it join the portals.

If you have questions or comments please email me at desert-mouse@shaw.ca