How to submit a story.

Submission Send your submission as a attached text file (.txt) or in the e-mails body to with the subject line "story submission", include the story type (Fiction, romance, horror)
Formatting At the top of the e-mail include any special formatting instructions, such as the italics I use for thoughts in my own stories.
Warrnings If your submission includes any content that some people might find offensive, I need to know so i can add the warning at the top. Please include this content after the formatting instructions. (example: if the story contains nudity or sexual content put (nudity,sexual content) in a seperate line after the formatting instructions)
Naming If submission is included as a text file, have the author name and story title at the top of that file. If you use the body of the e-mail please include them both before the story.
Description Please include a brief description of the submission in your e-mail before the story itself. This will help visitors decide if they are intrested in the story or not. descriptions should not be more then three sentences.

Thank you for your intrest in the end of time. Submissions will be delt with as promptly as possible so please be patient.

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