Secret Children 10: Red Marigold

By Desert Mouse

"Dirty goats bottom!" Marigold shouted standing at the door to her room. Someone, and she had a feeling she knew who. Had rearranged all her furniture so that she could access nothing, her bed, her cloths. Everything was blocked in some way.

"You are going to pay for this." She growled storming down the hallways. She found Ruby in the kitchen where she was helping Holly cook supper after Crystal had taken her little fall. It wasn't the first place Marigold looked, first she tried Emeralds room, giving both her and Crystal a little startle before trying the common room and finally going downstairs. The extra travel only served to infuriate her even more.

"You!" she accused. The anger in her voice was apparent to even Holly and Rose.

"What are you going on about?" Ruby asked without stopping to turn around. Meanwhile Holly didn't like the looks of the situation, so she glanced over at Rose whom nodded and waited for her chance.

"Look at me when I talk to you!" Marigold demanded. She ignored Holly and Rose, as far as she was concerned the two of them didn't matter, so they didn't even exist. Ruby put down the bowl she was stirring and looked at Marigold.

"Fine, I'm looking at you. Now what?" she asked.

"I know what you did, I demand that you fix it right now!" Marigold replied angry. Ruby just looked at her curiously and said without missing a beat.

"I didn't do anything." This wasn't the first time that she had been confronted by Marigold, and the older girl was usually nothing more than talk because the castle's first rule was not to harm each other.

Marigold charged forward, pushing Ruby painfully against the kitchen counter. This was Rose's opportunity to sneak out so that she could go find Diamond.

Ruby winced from the pain, and realized that Marigold was very serious. Maybe she had even gone too far with the prank she had Crystal help her with.

"You destroyed my room!" Marigold shouted, it looked like she was going to strike Ruby, and for the first time the younger girl thought she might actually do it. So instead of waiting around for it to happen, Ruby squirmed loose and ran out the door. Only a few minutes behind Rose

Marigold chases after her, and the two of them run right into Diamond whom was already going to investigate the shouting even before Rose had bumped into her and started pointing wildly at the kitchen. Ruby ran past her, and all but hid behind Diamond when she shouted at both of them.

"Stop what you're doing and explain yourselves!" her voice was strong and commanding. It was enough to cause both Marigold and Ruby to stop dead.

"Marigold is after me." Ruby reported.

"I can see that, now what is the problem with you two?" Diamond wanted to know, she glared at Marigold still trying to reach Ruby.
"Stop that!" she demanded.

"Well she came into the kitchen and started attacking me." Ruby explained.

"She destroyed my room." Marigold complained.

"How did she destroy your room/" Diamond asked confused.

"She moved the furniture around, she put my bed on its side." Marigold replied growling at Ruby.

"Well, I might have…" Ruby started to say, but she was cut off swiftly by Marigold.

"See she admits it, let me pass."

"I can't allow you to harm her." Diamond replied.

"But she destroyed my room, I have the right to retaliate." Marigold protested.

"No you don't, I'll deal with her."

"That's not good enough!" Marigold growled.

"It will have to be, you can not harm her." Diamond repeated slightly annoyed that Marigold wasn't listening to her. She turned to Ruby still trying to keep Diamond between her and Marigold.
"You are going to go fix her room now, and when you are done you go straight to bed because tomorrow before you get breakfast you are going to clean out the animal stables."

"But it's not even supper time yet…" Ruby protested, but she realized that it was a silly complaint. She had been expecting a punishment something like this because her prank didn't hurt anyone and it didn't involve the forbidden areas of the castle so it was unlikely that she would be sent to the dungeon.

"Then I guess you are going to miss it." Diamond shrugged.

"That's outrageous! What kind of punishment is that?" Marigold shouted.

"It is what I have decided according to the guidelines set forth in the beginning. There is nothing more to be said." Diamond replied.
"Ruby go, you have work to do."

Ruby started to leave but Marigold wasn't done with her yet, she tried to follow when Diamond stopped her.

"I would rather you dropped this, but you have no intention of doing so do you.' She asked. Marigold shook her head, she was going to follow Ruby and finish what she started, even if she had to wait a few minutes.

"Then I do not have a choice, since I cannot allow you to do that. I must confine you to the dungeon for the night so that you can cool down."

"The Dungeon." Marigold snorted.
"Am I supposed to be afraid?"

"I do not presume to tell you what to fear." Diamond replied simply.

"You always resort to the same punishments." Marigold accused.

"I would not have to if you didn't insist on misbehaving. I would rather not have to do this." Diamond replied.

"So you claim, but what does it matter? What does any of this matter. We are all prisoners. So what if I can't wander around the castle tonight, all you managed to do was make my cage a little smaller. But we are all still in one."  Marigold said angry. Diamond simply sighed.

"Marigold I do not intend to discuss your dissatisfaction with our living conditions again. Complaining about the situation will not change it."

"No you would rather help the one that locked us away in the first place by enforcing HIS rules." Marigold shouted.

"I won't discuss this Marigold. Please come with me."

"Fine lets go. I know the way." Marigold growled at Diamond. She followed the older girl downstairs and towards the dungeon.

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