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School of Horror

By Desert Mouse

The moment that her parents left Jenny was lead though the large wooden doors. The corridor beyond the locked entrance was a series of twists and turns, designed to look confusing should a parent manage a glimpse.

Blumenort has a strict no visiting policy; they tell parents that it's not fair to the students to distract them. Jenny was quite nervous as they led her down the halls, this school had a good reputation but this was the first time she had attended this kind of school. In her mind she replayed the goodbyes with her parents. They had been so kind and seemed worried. However they had convinced her that this place would be a good experience for her.

She had to leave her luggage behind; the staff told her that it would be taken to her room later but for now she needed to become more familiar with the school. Her nervousness turned into confusion as they neared the end of the long hallway. The door leading to the main school was nothing like the entrance into this corridor. It was solid steel and had the appearance that it must have been thick. They stopped briefly for her escort to tap in a combination into the electronic lock. She heard a series of clicks and the staff could open the door.

Whatever she was expecting to find behind the door, she never found it. She found herself in a dreary room, everything was a dull gray colour, and everything except the staff members and her was the same colour.  She gave a puzzled look to the nearest staff member, a man that she heard call himself Peter. She was not expecting the change in Peter's attitude as he turned towards her with a scowl.

"First we have to fit you with some appropriate cloths" he told her. Grabbing her arm he pulled her roughly towards a large bathroom. There was no door on the bathroom and it was not separated for the two sexes. Thrusting her roughly into the bathroom he forced her to change in front of him. She was not stupid, she saw the way he was looking at her and knew that if she did not change without hesitation he was going to hurt her. He looked like he would enjoy hurting her.

Now dressed in the same drab uniform as the rest of the population, Jenny's face was red. The bathroom had been full of boys, though they were not watching her change. They seemed too distant for that. She was still blushing because peter had been watching her very carefully.

Jenny tried to speak, to ask what was going on. Why had her parents left her here? Did they know what was going on? So many questions racing though her mind, though when she made an attempt to voice one of them she had been warned into silence. Peter told her to shut up or she would be sent to something he called BOT.

They walked in total silence towards the main classrooms. Every kid she saw along the way looked defeated, each one held there heads low and slowly walked from place to place eyes focused on the floor. Jenny was still trying to figure things out; this school had a great reputation. Jenny knew that her parents had researched the place. Jenny had even seen the results of her parents search and there was nothing like this.

Jenny was taken to a fair sized classroom. From what she had seen so far jenny half expected the room to be overcrowded. However once more she was surprised when she saw that there was actually less then thirty students. Peter pointed at a seat in the corner of the classroom, jenny tried to get to it as quietly as possible but the teacher seemed to be very angry about the interruptions.

When peter left her alone, Jenny was not sure if she was scared or happy to see him leave. It's true that he had been quite rough with her and she hated him for it. However it was also true that she was now alone. Peter was her last familiar link in all this. Quickly trying to her bearings Jenny looked around. It was only now that she noticed that not one student had a binder, paper or even a pencil. As confusing as it was to jenny she could do nothing except follow along. Upfront the teacher was talking about Greek mythology. Jenny knew a fair amount about the Greek myths because it had always fascinated her.

"The Greek god Vulcan was the son of Venus and Aries" the teacher started. Jenny meanwhile was thinking that it wasn't right. The teacher was mixing the roman and greek names. Plus he wasn't the son of Venus. He was her husband. Jenny raised an eyebrow and continued to listen

"Vulcan was the smith god, master of all the crafts. He was married to Venus after besting Aries in single combat." Jenny meanwhile was thinking, "What the hell is she talking about"

"Vulcan walked with a limp because Hercules smashed one of his legs with a hammer when he was a child.

Jenny was about to make a big mistake. She could not stand to hear the mixture of lies and truth that the teacher was spewing. It was very fortunate for jenny that she lost her train of thought when she heard snoring. Two desks away from her in the next row was a child younger then her. He had fallen asleep during the lecture. The teacher noticing his sleeping went to her desk. She had a look of annoyance and jenny wondered why no one else was trying to wake the poor kid up.

It happened so fast that for a few minutes Jenny didn't know what had happened. There was a loud noise and the kid woke up screaming. Blinking she wondered where the metal panel that was now in front of his face had come from. Tracing the panel she noticed that it was hanging from the roof. In fact there was a bunch of the strange panels. Jenny stared at the panels for a few moments. There seemed to be on for each desk. The fact that she was staring at it is what gave her time to duck when hers started to come for her.

"Oh shit" she said as she ducked out of the way. "That was a close one" she thought to herself. The teacher looked angry and had drawn a gun that Jenny failed to notice. Without any warning, and without jenny having any time to do much but stare at the gun the teacher fired.

Jenny felt like someone had just hit her in the breast with a baseball bat. She gasped for air finding it very difficult to breath. When she looked down she expected to see a large hole in her chest and a lot of blood. That was not the case, her chest hurt like hell but it seemed to be mostly a massive bruise. She looked at the teacher who had already put her gun away. Now the teacher was smiling and it scared the shit out of Jenny.

Before anything else could happen a buzzer went off, not knowing what else to do Jenny blindly followed the rest of her classmates to whatever was next.

Following the others from the classroom, Jenny was still in pain from the shot. She didn't understand what had happened but she had to fight back the tears. Jenny had a sinking feeling that it would be a big mistake to let her tears flow.

Her class headed from the classroom down to another section of the building. It was a large dull room; the room was made up of a series of shelves with several cleaning supplies. In the center of one wall was a large chalkboard with a chore schedule. Jenny tried to figure out what the board said but each class seemed to be assigned a number. She was about to make another mistake and ask one of her classmates what class number they were, as she opened her mouth a harsh look from the kid behind her was enough to shut her up.

Jenny didn't know what else to do so she copied the people around her. She hated this, being thrust into this situation with absolutely no guidance. She followed her classmates as they cleaned the gray halls. Because of the colour of everything all there cleaning had no noticeable effect. They kept at it for hours and Jenny noticed for the first time a series of cages in the main hallway. Jenny almost failed to notice a naked figure curled in one of the cages. It did not move but if she would have had time to look she might have seen the figure breathing slightly. In its position she could not tell If the caged child was male or female.

The sight chilled her bones, "how could this place exist?" she thought to herself. Unfortunately she was unable to come up with an answer to that question. Jenny had no way to tell how long they had been cleaning for. There was not a clock in site, or even a window to watch the passing of daylight. They had no way to actually finish their chores until the time was up. At which point she was dragged along with her classmates to the bathroom. Jenny really did have to go, but she wasn't sure she could handle this. It was hard enough to change with Peter watching herů. But her entire class watching her go to the bathroom. It never really occurred to her that her classmates would not be interested. They were used to the co-ed no privacy bathrooms by now.

After the bathroom Jenny's class was taken to the dorm rooms. She really did not know what to expect when she got there. She could only guess that it would not be a good thing. As the class slowly made way Jenny could not help but to wonder how she was ever going to learn her away around. Every area seemed to have the same look. Every wall the same drab colour that reminded her of prison.

The "bedroom" if you could really call it that was a large empty space. Empty at least of any furniture or personal belongings. Actually the room was quite full of people. At least a thousand kids and various staff members armed with guns and large sticks. Not knowing what else to do Jenny curled into a ball and went to sleep on cold hard floor.

The next morning, or was it morning? Jenny still had no way to know for sure. She still had not seen a window since her parents had left. Yawning she got off the floor, it had been a hard sleep and she was feeling a bit sore.

Jenny was taken with her class back to the bathroom. This time however the entire student body was tagging along. After making use of the lavatory the students had to shower. Jenny chose to move as quickly as she could because she still felt strange being exposed in front of all these boys.

From the bathroom it was back to class, there was no breakfast and so far Jenny had not eaten a bite since she arrived. Her stomach was complaining but all she could so was to ignore it. In class she recognized more lies buried among the truth. They also had a test in the first half of the class. Everyone was given pencils to use during the test but they were taken when the test ended.

After a quick review of the class test results the teacher went around the class whacking people with her stick. Jenny later found out that the beatings (she received one herself) was the result of failing the test.

After being hit Jenny lost her temper. At the time she didn't know why the teacher had hit her with the stick but she was pissed off. She started to spew obscenities and forgot about the trap panels. Her anger was stopped when her panel hit her in the face, stunning her long enough for a couple of staff members to grab her arms and drag her away.

They took her down the hall, with her legs dragging behind her. Jenny heard the man say

"You just earned four hours in BOT"

They dragged Jenny down the hallway by her arms. She had no idea where she was being taken. She had no idea how she would get back when it was over. Perhaps most frightening was that she still had no idea what BOT was.
After awhile the trip ended and Jenny still had no idea where they had ended up. She was however grateful for the stop because it gave her the chance to gain a footing and stand up on her own. Her two escorts still clutched her arms tightly as they told the BOT staff what she had done. The man in charge simply nodded and thought for a moment, then having made his choice on how she should serve her BOT he dismissed her escorts.

"Stand in that corner, with your back to the wall" he scowled. Jenny scrambled quickly to do, as she had been ordered.

"As this is your first time in BOT I will explain this to you once, and once only. If you move a muscle or utter the smallest of noises your time will be reset. You are here for four hours but are in no way limited to that time" he said

She did not dare to give an acknowledgment; instead she did as she was told. The first part of her punishment was to hold her arms above her head; she was forced to hold them loosely so her elbows remained at an angle. With her eyes closed Jenny held the position for about twenty minutes, then her arms feeling very tired started to falter. Her eyes popped open when she felt the harsh impact of one of the staff sticks.

"Start over" he said. Jenny bit her lip and tried the exercise again. This time she managed to get over half an hour. Though she had no way to measure the time herself. It just seemed longer to her then the first time. However her leg started to tremble exposing her fear. She received another whack from the stick and was forced to start again.

This went on for hours; most of the times she had to restart were because of her arms. By the time three hours had past her arms were so tired she could barely lift them. However she still had another four hours to go before her punishment would end. She didn't utter a sound but her eyes were filled with tears. She had dared to whimper at one point, but she has received three whacks in return. One of them had gone between her legs were it hurt the most.

"All-right that's enough" the man said angry.

"Put your arms to your side and do not move, in exchange for my kindness I am extending your sentence an extra two hours" Jenny did as she was told, her legs were growing weak but she hoped she could hold out for just six hours.

By the end of her first BOT experience it was already well past bedtime. She could barely move her arms or legs. She was escorted back to the sleeping quarters without ever having gotten something to eat. She curled onto whatever part of the floor she could find and quietly cried herself to sleep.

The next morning started exactly like the previous one. She was taken to the bathroom for her shower and morning toilet. This morning she had to struggle to find one of her classmates so she could re-join them. They started the day with the exact same class. Another tests in the first half. If she had not been so sore she would have thought she was stuck in a time loop. Once more Jenny failed the test, however this time she accepted the pain when she was hit by the stick. She refused to cry out, or explode like she had done the previous day.

The following class went exactly like the previous one, the only changes were the subject, the teacher, and what lies were mixed in with the truth. She was hit with the stick again, this time hard enough to draw a single tear. After that class it was mealtime. Jenny was starving by now. She had not been offered anything to eat the entire time she was here. The mess hall turned out to be as depressing as the rest of the school. Every student ate in total silence; those that did not carefully control the sounds from there utensils were dragged away. Only to return a few moments later with fresh bruises.

Taking a bite from the gray slop she was given, Jenny almost spit it back out. The "food" if you could even call it that had the bitterest taste she had ever experienced. Knowing from the previous nights that this was probably all the food she would get today, Jenny ate every drop on her plate. The entire time resisting the urge to puke it out.

Days have past since Jenny's first BOT experience. Her muscles remained sore as a grim reminder to obey. She had been able to keep out of trouble for the most part now. Receiving only her usual hit for failing the daily tests. Today was a little different from most days though; another girl about her age was thrown into her class. Jenny recognized the girls initial struggles having been though them the first day herself. Her heart ached to assist the new girl but at first she didn't dare.

The new girl she learned was called Katie, and like her had been fooled into this place. Jenny had found a few precious moments to talk to Katie during the daily cleaning sessions. The two girls had started talking and it caused Jenny to lose her concentration, she never saw the staff guards heading for the two girls. She never saw the stun weapons they found within there coats. She only felt the pain as the voltage paralyzed her muscles. She saw the look of twisted pain on her new friends face before they were both dragged away.

They both found themselves in the BOT room. Knowing she was already and deep shit and had nothing to lose she finally demanded to know what BOT stood for. The BOT master looked at her like an insect to be squished but in a cold cruel voice he answered

"Behavioral Observation and Treatment" what worried her the most about his answer is that he made no move to punish her. He made no mention that her sentence would be increased for her insolence.

"Both of you strip" he ordered, neither girl made any move to do as he told. Both girls were frightened about what he intended to do to them. The BOT master moved faster then Jenny could think, before she really understood what was happening she found herself thrown against the wall. He grabbed the top of her uniform and ripped it over her head with almost enough force to dislocate her shoulder. With tears forming in her eyes Jenny quickly stumbled to grab at her uniform pants. She struggled to get them off as quickly as possible. The BOT master; satisfied that Jenny could manage the rest turned towards Katie. The newer girl was already trying to get her uniform off but was as shaken as jenny so it was taking longer then it should have.

"You both get to spend the next three days on display" the BOT master said after they were completely nude.

"What's that mean" Katie said bravely. Without a word the BOT master reached for his stick. Then with a very firm motion hit Katie's left breast to shut her up. Jenny could not help but to flinch.

"Since you two seem to be such good friends, I have decided to let you serve your punishment together" the BOT master continued, he ignored Katie's question completely. The BOT master left the two girls in the gentle care of the guards as he went into another room for some equipment. He came out with two pairs and handcuffs and a pair of ball gags. He coldly ordered both girls to embrace into a hug; both girls were in tears but they complied with as little hesitation as they could. The BOT master gave a nasty grin when he handcuffed their hands together. Now both girls were stuck in their embrace. He forced the ball gags into their mouths and ordered one of his guards to drag them to the display case. Jenny's arm was roughly grabbed and the two girls were awkwardly pulled down the hallway. They were thrown into one of the metal cages jenny had seen before. The cage itself was made to barely fit one person to the two girl's bodies pressed closer together.

The days were long; Jenny could feel the distant stares of every student as they passed by. It was a requirement that all students stare at the people on display. Failure to do so would generally result in joining the ranks. In those three days the girls were not fed, there health was monitored carefully however and if one showed signs of mal-nutrition they could feed her through an intervenes tube. By the time the two girls had been released, and pried from the cage after three days. They were supported only by each other. As their handcuffs were removed and they forcibly separated both naked forms crumpled to the floor.

Their punishment was not quite over yet; it was still mid-day when they had been taken from the display cage. They were taken to the mess hall for the daily meal. However neither girl was given the chance to get dressed. Instead they were returned to the day's normal routine. Neither of them had been given the opportunity until the next morning after they had showered.

The two girls had become friends following the joint punishment. They talked to each other every chance they got using barely whispers that they hoped the staff could not hear; or would not bother with. Though the series of whispers Jenny found out a lot about her new friend. She was also able to warn her new friend about a lot of the unspoken rules. The two were so busy trying to find opportunities to talk that neither of them seemed to notice the young man who called himself Geruta. This young man had been in Blumenort for so long that he had snapped. Though he was almost as distant as the rest of the students he never lost his sense of lust. Geruta had noticed the two girls when they were on display. Both had been too occupied to notice but his stares were much more piercing then anything the rest of the students could come up with. He made a silent vow to himself that he would do whatever he could to get those two lovely bodies back where they belonged, in the display cages so he could once more stare at them.

It was two days after they had been released from the display cage that the two girls first started to notice Geruta. They did not know the young mans name but they could feel him starring at them during shower and toilet. During the nights cleaning Jenny was talking to Katie about it, wondering what they could do about it. They both failed to notice in time that Geruta had taken the opportunity to point their whisperings to a staff guard. Giving Geruta a quick pat on the shoulder he headed towards two pale-faced girls.

Jenny and her new friend both ended up back with the BOT master. Jenny was only now starting to understand that he was the one in charge of all punishments. Not just the ones that involved BOT.

"Well it seems we need a way to keep you both quiet," the man said in his cold voice. Both girls looked at each other desperately trying to find comfort for the on-coming punishment. They both received a backhand across the back of the head for their search.

"I suspect normal punishments would be a waste of time, therefore your both going to be gagged for the next week." He went into his storage room to get the gags. When he returned he forced them into Jenny and Katie's mouths and told them firmly.

"If you attempt to remove them for any reason but to eat, you will be severely punished" both girls nodded quickly. Both red faced girls were taken back to the their chores. The week went by slowly and all though Geruta was cursing his failure he continued to try. Waiting in wait for any opportunity. Jenny's gut was twisted the entire week; she could feel the stares though some of them were imaginary. By the time every day when they could take the gags out for a few moments, there mouths were sore. They always hesitated a moment before putting them back in but they did not dare take them out except to eat.

at the end of the week both girls had very sore mouths; when the gags were finally removed for good by the staff members, neither girl could completely close there mouths. They both learned a lesion and had no intention of giving that annoying tattletale a second chance.

Over the next few days things seemed to be returning to normal; Jenny was still trying to determine what could be done about the strangers unwanted stares during the daily shower; both girls were getting quite tired of it and tried to cover themselves best they could under the conditions. Unfortunately while jenny was still trying to come up with a plan, Katie could not bare it anymore. One day she simply refused to shower. Katie refused to remove her clothing and allow the perverted stranger to stare at her any more. It did not take long for this to draw the attention of the staff guards. They were about to take Katie away when Jenny did something very stupid. She made a desperate grab for the guards whacking stick. She regretted too late that she had not tried a more diplomatic approach.

Jenny woke up in the BOT masters domain; she was slumped against the wall like a piece of meat. A quick look around showed her that he was alone; they had taken Katie somewhere else.

"Good your awake, then we can start" the BOT master said. He walked towards jenny and grabbing her arm he yanked her upwards. Without a word he took her from the BOT room and down the hallway. Jenny didn't say a word; she knew she was in a lot of trouble; she knew that Katie was in a lot of trouble. Jenny was taken to a room with a strange machine. It was a metal box with various holes in the side. The box was mounted at the head of a metal table. Jenny was horrified to see that on the metal table Katie was bound spread eagle. The other girl was naked and very terrified. Jenny was also terrified, for the past while she was deathly afraid that the staff would rape her; she understood that rape could be used as a very effective punishment.

Jenny was taken to a wall with shackles; she was firmly strapped to the wall with a good view of her friend. She only noticed at this point that Katie was wearing one of the large red ball gags from before, she had tears in her eyes as the BOT master stood before her. The man did not explain what was going on to either of them but instead started to beat Katie with his stick.

Hours seemed like days for both of the girls, the BOT master continued to beat on Katie using his stick, fists, and even a whip that Jenny had not noticed before. Katie was crying loudly at the pain and for the longest time Jenny wanted nothing more then to close her eyes; however whenever she attempted that method of escaping her friend's pain, her eyes were forced open again by a staff guard.

By the time the BOT master was finished with Katie she lay unmoving, Jenny could see that her friend was still breathing but she was no longer crying, her pain had moved well beyond tears; jenny though could still cry; she cried about her friends beating; she cried because it was her fault for trying to grab the guards stick.

"Its time" the BOT master said in his cold voice. One of the guards nodded and opened a panel in the wall; the panel itself was hidden behind what looked like a fake brick. In a secreted control box the guard flipped a switch and Jenny heard the most haunting of mechanical noises. Within moments flames spewed from metal box at the head of Katie's bed.

Katie's screams could be heard even through the gag. In time the gag itself melted and burnt away; leaving Katie's screams to become even louder then before. Jenny could do nothing but stare in shock as her best friend was cooked alive by the strange machine.

When the machine was finished Jenny watched in a horrid silence as the crispy corpse of her friend was taken away crudely. She didn't notice when she was taken from the wall and led back to the BOT room for her own punishment.

Jenny's awareness only returned when she was given the order to once more strip; she had been given a small sentence, only two hours but she was in no mood to think about her own sentence; she was devastated after being forced to watch her friend get fried by that monstrous machine.

"Don't worry" the BOT master said with a sneer.

"Your friend will re reported as a run-away," he added to throw a little salt in her emotional wound. Jenny had held briefly the hope that these murdering bastards would be caught and the school closed down for good; now she realizes that with a simple report they would probably get away with it.

Jenny was given a fairly comfortable position to hold for the days BOT; she thought that perhaps she would be able to finish it without the need to restart. This was not the case; her disrobed state had a very special purpose. Every few minutes they smeared power on her body; choosing a location at random there was no part of her exposed skin off-limits. Sometimes the powers made her itch; sometimes they made her burn. Her two-hour punishment easily extended for the better part of the day, but they were not quite done with her yet.

She was taken from the BOT room in her unclothed state to the hallway display cages; her arms were secured on the cold bars to allow for very little movement; then a tube with a needle on the end was pulled from some hidden compartment. She realized with dread that the tube meant she would be here awhile. No one told her how long her sentence was; they simply left her there with a tube supplying her body with the nutrients it requires to remain alive; a second tube was pulled to her mouth that she could suck warm water from.

She was left in that state for about a week; the entire time said no word despite the lack of a gag. Jenny's anger was her only companion now; her only relief from these monsters. Jenny threw her anger around her like a protective and warm blanket. Jenny was released from her display cage a little over a week later, as if playing a cruel joke they released her just after the daily shower so her punishment would have its own lingering effects for a full day.

She spent the next few weeks fighting the staff at every turn; she worked slowly and answered all her questions wrong; Jenny was punished a lot but not nearly enough. Then one day she simply bolted; Jenny did not know where she was going to go; didn't know what she was going to do. She had seen an opportunity and ran off. Jenny had no way of knowing how frantic the search for her was getting at one point; the staff seemed generally afraid that she might make it out of the school before they could program a few protective beliefs into her head.

Jenny spent almost two days hiding; she only left her hiding spots at night when she felt she could safely look for an exit; despite what the staff thought she had no plan; she was running in her instincts and her anger. Jenny spent most of her time praying to every god she could think of; from the extinct Greek gods to the more modern Christian ones; she played no favorites she only hoped that someone would hear her plea and allow her to escape.

Her freedom; like all good things had to come to an end. In her case she was quickly rounding what she thought an empty hallway when a guard shrouded in shadows spotted her. He pushed her against the wall with more force then was really necessary. She recovered herself just in time to see a staff guard draw his gun; she wanted to turn away but found herself frozen in place. The next thing she felt was an explosion of pain in her groin; she could not breath but though the pain she could strangely feel the tickle of blood running down her leg. With her eyes watering she was dragged without resistance back to the BOT master. She expected to be taken to the BOT room but instead she was taken further; to her horror she was dragged into the flame room that had taken Katie's life. Her uniform was un-ceremonially removed and she was once more strapped to the wall by the metal shackles. She could barely hear the BOT master talking to her old friend Peter.

"I think its time to end this game," the BOT master said

"It's a shame, she was a lot more fun then any of the others. After that trick with her plaything she had been a lot of fun" Peter said with an unseen grin.

"She came too close, we can't let a bit of fun get that out of hand again; she needs to have her fangs pulled" the BOT master pointed out; Peter nodded and left the BOT master to his upcoming work.

She was fed through a tube like the one from her last display experience; she was offered very little water. For two weeks they beat her; using the toys they had played with during Katie's final punishment, as well as a few extra things like electricity. Jenny accepted her beatings; trying to resist only by nurturing her anger at these monsters. However eventually even that sweet comfort had abandoned her.

When she was eventually released she had no fight left in her. Jenny's battered and broken body was never given the chance to heal before she was thrust back into the schools normal routine. Her spirit would never be allowed to heal; her eyes were even more distant then the rest of the student bodies; her movements slow and uncaring. Jenny didn't even have that small spark of hate left in her. She simply existed and there was nothing more then that. She was no longer really alive; but at least she no longer got into trouble.

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