Secret Children 5: Mourning Lily

By Desert Mouse

In the dark castle this late at night there should not have been any movement. But even though all the girls were supposed to be resting in their almost comfortable beds, there was one of the twelve still wide awake. Perhaps she was even more awake now then she was during the daytime.

Alone she wandered through the castle, in one hand she held an un-lit lamp, barely aware that it wasn't lightning her way. In the other she clutched the silver pendant that Lily never let go of. She stepped through the dark castle without a plan, she simply walked as if she was looking for something that only the night could show her.

Normally she only walked like this once every few nights, to burn off the excess energy that prevented her from getting to sleep some nights. During the day Lily barely moved, leaving the chair in her room only to go eat dinner with the rest of the castle's prisoners. But she walked last night, searched the black castle for something the day missed. Lily didn't have Ruby's adventurous nature, she had no desire to explore the castle or any idea that she could be happy knowing the secrets. She searched at night, looking, thinking for nothing more then an exit.

When she made her way to the dining room Lily's energy ran out. The time for sleep caught up to her and the grip she had on her lamp weakened. The dead flame fell from her hands and the glass canister shattered. Lily in her searching gaze didn't notice until she cut her bare foot on one of the glass shards, the sudden pain startling her from her trance long enough for her to lose her balance. As her head struck the table, her mind joined the darkness of the castle.

Early the next morning Holly got out of bed at her usual time. She walked down the hallway with a quiet little yawn but something made her stop. She saw a small head poking out of the twin's bedroom.

"In the darkness secluded, an unspoken voice…alone blanketed in silence. Slumber interrupted by the silent cries." Sakura said worried. Holly tried her best to figure out what the little girl was trying to tell her, but she was coming up with a complete blank.

"I'm sorry Sakura, I don't understand…" Holly tried to explain but the child seemed to be distracted, Jade came completely out of the twins bedroom.

"I'm not sure, but she woke up in the middle of the night with a bad feeling. She hasn't been easy to understand since." Jade apologized.

"Don't apologize, but I must really get downstairs and prepare for breakfast." Holly told them.

"We will come with you. Maybe something warm to drink will calm her down." Jade suggested. The three of them started heading downstairs but when they reached the kitchen they stopped.

"Oh my…" Holly whispered. She held her hand out so that the twins wouldn't try and enter the dining room. She saw Lily sprawled out on the floor but she caught the glass before rushing to the girl's side.

"Jade, Sakura stay with her. I'm going to go wake up Emerald." She said nervously. She couldn't tell if Lily was breathing or not but jade said in a comforting voice.

"She isn't dead, go get Emerald." Holly didn't know how Jade could sound so sure about that but she rushed back to the second floor where the girls bedrooms were. She got to the room with Emerald's name on it and knocked on the door, after a couple more knocks she opened the door.

"Come downstairs please. There is an emergency in the dining room." Holly said panicked. She quickly apologized to Crystal for waking her up too since she was spending the night under observation again and ran to get Diamond.

Emerald was the first one downstairs, with her Skystone in hand she was about to ask what was going on when she noticed that Lily was laying unmoving on the floor. Jade and Sakura made a small effort to remove some of the glass but they left enough behind that Emerald could get a better idea of what happened. Quietly she started to work, undoing the damage that Lily had done to herself. None of them understood why she had been wandering around at night.

It wasn't until early evening that Lily woke up, she found herself in Emeralds spare bed unsure how she had gotten there. She was grateful however that her pendant had been left sitting on top of her chest. Quietly she grabbed it and gripped it tightly for support.

"You're awake?" Emerald asked with a gentle smile.
"You had us a bit worried, why were you wandering around after bedtime?"

"You wouldn't understand." Lily replied quietly. She looked at Emerald torn between resenting the girl that had no family and was perfectly happy here, and being grateful that she healed her.

"All right then, just be more careful. And Diamond might want to speak to you tomorrow but since you're staying here she won't be allowed to see you until you're ready to leave." Emerald said gently.

"Thank you.." Lily replied.

"I'll leave you alone to rest for awhile. But if you need anything I'll be back." Emerald replied leaving the room. Now Lily was alone, she looked at the pendant in her hand and sighed quietly.

"None of them understand. But at least she didn't call me Lily." She thought staring at the pendant. Once a long time ago that pendant had been her mothers. She could almost remember when she was five years old, she remembered that she was happy back then but the memory faded. It threatened to leave her alone like everything else had.

"My name is Amy, why can't I tell them?" She thought with her eyes tearing up.  Amy was the name her mother gave her, she struggled to hold onto that too, afraid that if she accepted the name the warlock had forced on her ten years ago she would lose everything that she had secluded herself to hold onto.

"I don't want to be alone." She thought crying. But she knew that ahe had to be, she could never be happy here like the other girls. She knew that most of them had been born slaves so this was better then they would have been forced into otherwise. but her happy little family had been murdered when she was kidnapped and placed inside this castle.

"I won't be alone tonight." Lily whispered to the empty room. Emerald would never let her leave tonight, she always watched the girls she healed. In a strange way Lily was glad that she wouldn't be alone tonight, though she felt like she could lose part of her past it didn't seem like one night of companionship would do any harm.

Lily spent several hours alone in the room, she focused on a new memory that had previously escaped her. It was one where her mother had been taking care of her when she was sick, much like Emerald was doing for her now. The castle's healer poked her head in several times through the evening but didn't stay until it had come time for bed. As she was slipping into her nightgown Lily spoke in a quiet voice.

"Emerald can I…" she hesitated scared to ask.

"can you what?" Emerald questioned. She stopped dressing to look at her patient.

"Can I…please stay another night?"

"Two night's observation?" Emerald asked. Lily nodded her head embarrassed.
"If you think it will help, but I won't force you." She replied.

That night, Lily had the most peaceful sleep in several years.

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