Beyind the Glass: Time to move on

By Desert Mouse

Demona entered the old house to the sweet scent of something cooking. However she was early tonight so she was surprised that her sister was already cooking, but Semona was not standing over the pot.

"Tonight's the night Samantha is coming over isn't it?" She guessed. Her twin sister popped out of the nearby laundry room.

"Yes, now go change!" she ordered sternly. Demona was still wearing her police uniform.

"I'm going, I'm going. Lighten up won't you? I've only got another month left." Demona protested.

"I don't care, go get a skirt on or you won't be allowed in the house when Samantha gets here." Semona practically pushed her to her bedroom door. When her sister was safely inside she returned to the kitchen to take a quick look at the pasta sauce she had been cooking all day.

"Just have to wait for the guest and I can start the pasta and garlic bread." Semona said softly to the empty room.

"You know you shouldn't talk to yourself. You never know who might hear." Demona grinned at her. Her sister turned around and took a long look at the outfit she had chosen to replace the uniform.

"White blouse, black skirt. That's fine but lift the hem a little." Semona said.

"You don't trust me?" Demona acted hurt.

"Only about as far as I can throw you dear." Semona replied calmly. To prove that she wasn't trying to sneak a pair of pants under her skirt, Demona lifted the dress to her ankle until her dictator sister was satisfied.

"Don't give me that, it's not like you haven't tried to do it before." Semona said sternly.

"You know what Sem, I've decided that when we get to the new house the no pants rule will no longer apply." Demona suggested. She stopped when she saw the sad look in her sister's eyes.

"You're not sure you want to do this yet are you?" she asked. Her sister shook her head.

"This house used to be mom's Dem." Semona said quietly. She looked around the kitchen of the home that they had lived in their entire lives.

"There are a lot of memories here."

"And they belong in the past Sem. Not all of the memories that are attached to this old house are pleasant. It's time to leave this place and forget what father did to us." Demona replied softening her voice. She took her twin sister into a gentle hug.

"It's going to be ok Sem. You'll feel better about the move when we get to our new home."

"I'm sure you're right. I just feel like leaving here will take us farther from mom." Semona replied.

"Come on Sem you know better then that. Our memory of her isn't tied to this place, Mom will always be in our hearts." Demona replied to her.

"Perk up, Samantha will be here soon. You don't want our old high school friend to worry about you do you?" her sister cheered up a little, and ran back to the pot of pasta sauce to check on it again.

"And Semona, when Samantha's here don't say anything about the move. Tonight let's just have a nice dinner with a friend ok." Demona asked.

"I won't, but we have to tell her that this will be our last dinner with her in this house." Semona replied.

"I already told her, but she wants to meet us for supper as soon as we unpack the kitchen." Demona admitted.
"I accepted for you." She added quickly ducking out of the kitchen before her stunned sister could throw something at her. Semona was about to chase after her but Demona was saved by the doorbell.

"I'll get it." Semona said glaring at the hallway her sister was hiding in.

"I know you will." Demona smiled while her sister opened the door to greet Samantha Richardson. It was going to be another pleasant evening.

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